Wednesday, February 25, 2009


S.I.T.A stands for Sensitivity In True Action

India is shining! And our women are respected. Respected either as a devi or as a whore. And if you are neither, you are beaten up, molested and abused. India is shining. I repeat. India is shining.

We men should get up and support and protect the women? No. I will not. We will not. We should not. I donot believe women are weak and need support. They could get up and be counted as a force to reckon with. They could get out of their kitchen and office and kitty parties and launch a crusade. Shobhaa De my much-loved BlogDost suggested "SITA SENA". And I love her for this.

Come on girls, women! Join in, Speak Up and be counted. We men will merely and merrily join the strong, thriving, motley woman gang.

Join the SITA SENA… irrespective of religion, caste, age and creed!

For if you don't, your kind will continue to be abused by men who claim to be guardians of Indian culture… for whom dressing in jeans and shorts is western culture and guess abusing, beating up, molesting women is Indian culture.

Let's do it. JOIN IN WOMEN.

And men aren't obscene, never they are! Even if they wear a lungi that exposes 40% (or more) of their naked body, they still don't. And men who wear shorts, they represent Indian culture? I guess they do. Even if it showcases their unwaxed hairy legs. Right?

I, A Man of Democratic India, would be at Gateway of India wearing "(supposedly) Obscene" shorts on WOMAN'S DAY, March 08, 2009 in broad day light at TIME TBC (they abused our women in western outfits in broad day light you see) Are there other men who would like to join me… please be there in your shortest shorts with me.

omg, the thought of getting beaten up, molested, bottom pinched... scares me. We Request all women to be there with us in large numbers to protect me, the shorts clad man.

Women. Wear whatever you want and join me at gateway. And if someone tries to play mischief?… You are smart…. You know what to do.


COMING UP. LOGO for the gateway event. Watch this space.

want to speak to someone to abuse/scream/join? well do that .

Im Aham and my email is

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to the next post for campaign