Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recipes against Violence against Women

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Date: 2009/11/30
Subject: Collaborative Cooking/Prajnya 16 Days Campaign

Please participate! As always, apologies for cross-posting.


We cook every day. Well, some of us do. We cook food we like, food we don't. We cook food for ourselves, food for others. We use recipes we know, we create others on the spur of the moment.

Now let's cook up a recipe to end violence against women!

Prajnya invites you to "Collaborative Cooking: Recipes against VAW".

Visit and add your recipe.

We look forward to reading your recipes and magic ingredients!

Please circulate widely! You don't have to be in Chennai to participate!

This is an online initiative of the Prajnya 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence. For more, email us at or visit


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blank Noise Tees! buy them, support the cause!

Its important that we support each other, as we stand for a common cause... 

Blank Noise supports the Pride by walking wearing  'step by step guide to unapologetic walking' tee shirts (link below). These tee shirts can be worn anywhere anytime, they only have the step by step guide to unapologetic walking on them.

We would like to get a limited number printed asap ie Tue, June 16, so let us know if you're interested. 
Also let us know your size . The cost is about Rupees 150per tee. 
If you're in any other part of India besides Bangalore and want it sent it's another 50/
(If you live outside India- we will have to get back to you with shipping costs)


Blank Noise team


Friday, April 17, 2009


Rapists and Molesters come from all walks of life. As long as pricks exist in our society there would be be heinous acts committed. If being kind is human nature, being unkind and demoniac is human nature too. After the moral guardians molested and beat up the woman of our country in the pretext of Indian Culture. Now, a student of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, one of the premier institutes offering varied social service courses has been gang raped. Her full FIR statement is in the papers today. The rapists had the audacity to actually state "I didn't think she would cry rape". This girl was gang raped. And she has not only survived it, but has also spoken up against the perpetuaters. I personally know of many such cases, but none had the courage to speak up.

I find it appalling to dissect her life and incidences and nitpick on where she wronged. Why she trusted them and all that. Whats needed now is a salute to her spirits, and encouragement for many others who don't speak up due to the fear of getting ostracized by the very society that showered all their sympathy and pity on the "victim". In fact the girl who survived the rape has given a statement to the press about the police being unhelpful.

I repeat, such incidences would exist. Reforms are needed. Reforms, so that such incidences dont become a commonplace. Reforms, so that we have a culture and education system that works against the making of such pricks and creeps. Reforms, so that our responses are quick and effective in event of a sexual assault. The easiest of the 3. Is the last one that I mentioned. We could train our responses to any stimulus of such violent nature.

Wear a whistle around your neck. And blow real loud if and when you are attacked. Dont blow it otherwise and make it a reason for sound pollution. Dont make it something frivolous. But wear it, and blow it against the whistle blowers of fake masculinity. As my BlogDost Shobhaa De puts it "it makes a good fashion statement too" by doubling up as an accessory.

You may not agree with me regarding the whistle idea. No problem. You have an other idea? please go ahead and train your responses to such an attack. If this post starts a dialogue and makes you think about what your response should be - I feel it is a fruitful exercise.

These are my views, what are yours?

are you ready to be the Whistle Dhaari Naari???

Friday, March 6, 2009

Women! Just Whistle For Help!

What does a woman do when she is attacked? call an SOS helpline? but what if it gets too late... would ones reflexes work so promptly when she is attacked by goons? I wonder!

The best answer to this would be to have an effective symbol of protest... and also a weapon to alert.

A Whistle!

Women With A Whistle Around Their Neck... are requested to join men in shorts at Gateway at TIME (ToBeConfirmed).
Do remember to bring placards demanding action against people believe in "ManHandling" Women.
we tried our level best to get police permission. but in view of the Lahore attacks, the Mumbai Police is overburdened with security concerns. We, as responsible citizens wouldn't want to add to their woes and wouldn't mind changing the nature of the event even at the last minute.
I am making a video and encourage women to whistle Pan-Mumbai. You too could join the video movement…
Wherever you are… try and get your hands on a handy cam, form a team or 2-3 people , come out on the streets… and interview women…
Ask them 3 questions:
1) What would your instant reaction be if you were attacked by men?
2) What do you feel is the reason for the men to attack women in pubs in Mangalore…
  • the men were perverts?
  • the women were of loose character?

3) Do you feel only women who wear “western” clothes are attacked?

Also ask them to respond to the following

1) One Message To The Women Who Were Attacked…

2) One Message to The Attackers…

End the interview by asking the women to register their protest.

Q) How Do They Register Their Protest?

A) By blowing the whistle!

The deadline is 12 am woman's day. By the end of 08 March 2009 you should have videos edited and uploaded on you tube.

Remember: Title your Videos

“a S.I.T.A. video (by your name) “

and please mail me the link at

Aren't whistles something that women deal with every day?

lets whistle out whistle blowers of masculinity, I say.

You are in the US and want to participate... No Problemo. Just click on the application on the right. And leave a WHISTLE MAIL. Remember to mention your name and where you are from. We will Upload the same on YOU TUBE.

LETS CREATE HERSTORY. No more history.

P.S. Remember we need to keep this peaceful. We cant take law in our hands. If we do, what would be the difference between them and us. You will have to take permission of the person whom you are interviewing. The responsibility is totally of the film maker and his/her crew.

Remember, this is no contest and there are no prizes.

Thank you De for the wonderful idea of starting a S.I.T.A. sena and this slogan...

S.I.T.A. Sainiks SEETI BAJAAO... Khud Ko Bachchaao!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Download, Print and Join.

Sanju Ayyar! love you for this. And thank you buddy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


S.I.T.A stands for Sensitivity In True Action

India is shining! And our women are respected. Respected either as a devi or as a whore. And if you are neither, you are beaten up, molested and abused. India is shining. I repeat. India is shining.

We men should get up and support and protect the women? No. I will not. We will not. We should not. I donot believe women are weak and need support. They could get up and be counted as a force to reckon with. They could get out of their kitchen and office and kitty parties and launch a crusade. Shobhaa De my much-loved BlogDost suggested "SITA SENA". And I love her for this.

Come on girls, women! Join in, Speak Up and be counted. We men will merely and merrily join the strong, thriving, motley woman gang.

Join the SITA SENA… irrespective of religion, caste, age and creed!

For if you don't, your kind will continue to be abused by men who claim to be guardians of Indian culture… for whom dressing in jeans and shorts is western culture and guess abusing, beating up, molesting women is Indian culture.

Let's do it. JOIN IN WOMEN.

And men aren't obscene, never they are! Even if they wear a lungi that exposes 40% (or more) of their naked body, they still don't. And men who wear shorts, they represent Indian culture? I guess they do. Even if it showcases their unwaxed hairy legs. Right?

I, A Man of Democratic India, would be at Gateway of India wearing "(supposedly) Obscene" shorts on WOMAN'S DAY, March 08, 2009 in broad day light at TIME TBC (they abused our women in western outfits in broad day light you see) Are there other men who would like to join me… please be there in your shortest shorts with me.

omg, the thought of getting beaten up, molested, bottom pinched... scares me. We Request all women to be there with us in large numbers to protect me, the shorts clad man.

Women. Wear whatever you want and join me at gateway. And if someone tries to play mischief?… You are smart…. You know what to do.


COMING UP. LOGO for the gateway event. Watch this space.

want to speak to someone to abuse/scream/join? well do that .

Im Aham and my email is

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to the next post for campaign