Friday, March 6, 2009

Women! Just Whistle For Help!

What does a woman do when she is attacked? call an SOS helpline? but what if it gets too late... would ones reflexes work so promptly when she is attacked by goons? I wonder!

The best answer to this would be to have an effective symbol of protest... and also a weapon to alert.

A Whistle!

Women With A Whistle Around Their Neck... are requested to join men in shorts at Gateway at TIME (ToBeConfirmed).
Do remember to bring placards demanding action against people believe in "ManHandling" Women.
we tried our level best to get police permission. but in view of the Lahore attacks, the Mumbai Police is overburdened with security concerns. We, as responsible citizens wouldn't want to add to their woes and wouldn't mind changing the nature of the event even at the last minute.
I am making a video and encourage women to whistle Pan-Mumbai. You too could join the video movement…
Wherever you are… try and get your hands on a handy cam, form a team or 2-3 people , come out on the streets… and interview women…
Ask them 3 questions:
1) What would your instant reaction be if you were attacked by men?
2) What do you feel is the reason for the men to attack women in pubs in Mangalore…
  • the men were perverts?
  • the women were of loose character?

3) Do you feel only women who wear “western” clothes are attacked?

Also ask them to respond to the following

1) One Message To The Women Who Were Attacked…

2) One Message to The Attackers…

End the interview by asking the women to register their protest.

Q) How Do They Register Their Protest?

A) By blowing the whistle!

The deadline is 12 am woman's day. By the end of 08 March 2009 you should have videos edited and uploaded on you tube.

Remember: Title your Videos

“a S.I.T.A. video (by your name) “

and please mail me the link at

Aren't whistles something that women deal with every day?

lets whistle out whistle blowers of masculinity, I say.

You are in the US and want to participate... No Problemo. Just click on the application on the right. And leave a WHISTLE MAIL. Remember to mention your name and where you are from. We will Upload the same on YOU TUBE.

LETS CREATE HERSTORY. No more history.

P.S. Remember we need to keep this peaceful. We cant take law in our hands. If we do, what would be the difference between them and us. You will have to take permission of the person whom you are interviewing. The responsibility is totally of the film maker and his/her crew.

Remember, this is no contest and there are no prizes.

Thank you De for the wonderful idea of starting a S.I.T.A. sena and this slogan...

S.I.T.A. Sainiks SEETI BAJAAO... Khud Ko Bachchaao!

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*Aham* said...

Dear Shobha ,
I am extremely disturbed to read about this atrocity in Bangalore. Is this economic slowdown translating to goondaisim in the name of Bhartiya/Kanndiga Sanskriti? Is it sons of the soil feeling marginalised by migrant population coming over and taking over the city and its landscape? Is this a precursor of Shiv sena riots of 1969 against South Indians in Mumbai happening in Karnataka? I remember brigade road had strip tease joints every few feet way back in 1983. They used to be publicised in local newspapers unabashedly... their pubs used to be open till way past midnight as of a few years back and now i am told the time limit is 11 pm... Why is there this intolerance towards anything that is perceieved as non or un indian by a sect of society? Why this sudden interest in safe guarding our values? Is this regressive sentiment in our ruling class translating to our middle class which is why we are also subjugated to regressive soaps on TV? Ballika Vadhu in the name of child marriage is actually championing the cause of regressiveness.. and we have one more show on the so called socially relevant topic of femal infanticide coming on the same channel which in its promo's show a girl child born being killed by the father.........
Or is it... is it that semi educated people, who have been on the fringes of society taking up these issues to make a career in politics? People who find it difficult to get into mainstream who are reacting in a violent manner to be heard and be counted? and the only way they know to be counted is through goondaisim?
where will this stop? Its a very scary scenario? The right wing parties like The MMS and Shiv Sena including the BJP are trying to distance themselves from such acts of bravado by these fringe organisations like the one headed by Muthalik of the infamous Managlore pub incident... These parties like the rest will make politically correct noises sensing the mood of the populace and convenienetly forget that they are the ones who started all this in the first place.
what can we do? Abhishek and his friends need to be commended for their brave stance and fight... but we need to realise that this might happen in Mumbai tonight? what can we do? hold candle light to Gateway in protest? Or send Pink Chaddis?
I think we need to do something more substantial... these are emotional reactions as witnessed during the Gateway Candle light march of dec 2nd.. a majority of the misguided youngsters were shouting anti pakistan slogans.. and they thought they were being patriotic!
we need to form a kind of pressure group.. a group that should start fighting for basic civil rights... basic reform in Police laws... protection of women and at the sametime educate the police force (however corrupt or politically manipulated they might be)of the law and their duties.
The Pink Chaddi campaign was sucessful to the extent that it stopped feb 14th violence in Karnataka... but then didn;t this above mentioned incident follow? The mangalore pub attack earlier and now this... These guys will keep coming back and we will be caught napping.. We need to create a pressure group that will fight day on day for the betterment of our civil rights... fight for our women & kids... protest and put pressure on governments both state and central for better law implemntation and basic rights. I think the time is right now as most parties are in election mould and want to be politically correct and want to appease.. Renuka Chaudhary being voiciferous and supporting the Pink Chaddi campaign is an e.g.
lets take advantage of the time... and go for the kill...
Need any help i am ready....