Friday, April 17, 2009


Rapists and Molesters come from all walks of life. As long as pricks exist in our society there would be be heinous acts committed. If being kind is human nature, being unkind and demoniac is human nature too. After the moral guardians molested and beat up the woman of our country in the pretext of Indian Culture. Now, a student of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, one of the premier institutes offering varied social service courses has been gang raped. Her full FIR statement is in the papers today. The rapists had the audacity to actually state "I didn't think she would cry rape". This girl was gang raped. And she has not only survived it, but has also spoken up against the perpetuaters. I personally know of many such cases, but none had the courage to speak up.

I find it appalling to dissect her life and incidences and nitpick on where she wronged. Why she trusted them and all that. Whats needed now is a salute to her spirits, and encouragement for many others who don't speak up due to the fear of getting ostracized by the very society that showered all their sympathy and pity on the "victim". In fact the girl who survived the rape has given a statement to the press about the police being unhelpful.

I repeat, such incidences would exist. Reforms are needed. Reforms, so that such incidences dont become a commonplace. Reforms, so that we have a culture and education system that works against the making of such pricks and creeps. Reforms, so that our responses are quick and effective in event of a sexual assault. The easiest of the 3. Is the last one that I mentioned. We could train our responses to any stimulus of such violent nature.

Wear a whistle around your neck. And blow real loud if and when you are attacked. Dont blow it otherwise and make it a reason for sound pollution. Dont make it something frivolous. But wear it, and blow it against the whistle blowers of fake masculinity. As my BlogDost Shobhaa De puts it "it makes a good fashion statement too" by doubling up as an accessory.

You may not agree with me regarding the whistle idea. No problem. You have an other idea? please go ahead and train your responses to such an attack. If this post starts a dialogue and makes you think about what your response should be - I feel it is a fruitful exercise.

These are my views, what are yours?

are you ready to be the Whistle Dhaari Naari???


Sukruta said...

HI Harish, I would really appreciate the way you have put your thoughts, which is rarely done by others. Some would rather discuss this matter with a cuppa of tea or coffee and leave it there..

The idea of wearing a whistle is not bad.. but dont knw how many of them would do.. they would rather prefer something more stylish.. Infact I had read an article which also talked about carrying some sharp object with self which would be within your reach, and be able to attack during problem times.. WHich again is a very rare thing people do..

Well with your idea, I might prefer to wear it as a bracelet which I could immediately grab with my hand and whistle.. So here's to " Whistle Dhaari Naari"

rupak said...

nice idea. girls should start doing this. and everyone should be ready to come to help when they hear the whistle blow.

don't just stand there and watch.
come on grow up.
show some responsibility.

Hansni said...

i am follower of your blog,really apreciate this effort!